Mark Saba

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A collection of 16 stories (50,000 words) bearing one-word titles which explore issues of identity, or characters finding themselves at odds with the world around them. "Ada" is about a divorced woman in late middle-age who has been successful in arranging her life around no one but her. She sees her children when she wants to, sees men when she wants to, cooks her favorite dinners nightly, and is ultimately both satisfied and not with it all. "Ertug" centers around an aging poet who takes a one-way trip on a ship through deep space. He studies constellations, nebulae, etc., and sees his life’s stories in them, and communicates back to earth through a diary. Eventually a granddaughter, fed up with life on earth and endeared to him, decides to leave earth also after reading his diary. The three main characters of "Antiques" are siblings who are scrambling to break up their dead parents’ house. Each has an idea of who should get what, and the disagreements that arise reflect the dysfunctionality of their family life. "View" is a story about an old tavern in an all-white old suburb, a popular hang-out for all ages, but inhabited by the African American ghosts of the Underground Railroad. A teenage boy who passes by the bar often on the way to his girlfriend’s house is the only one to see and understand the ghosts. A couple of crimes arise and the owners blame some African American outsiders (who come to the bar). "Censored" has a main character who has dreams about wearing clothes form distant eras. He begins to drop off clothing items to fellow office-workers based on their ethnic pasts. As he does this more regularly, he begins to disappear. Finalist, Snake Nation short fiction competition. Excerpt


creative nonfiction

Forking Paths: Memoirs and Essays

This collection of creative nonfiction (54,000 words) explores an ethnic past as well as a coming of awareness on issues such as evolving gender roles in our society, materialism, the validity of art, religion today, the force of imagination, finding yourself in the gray middle, war, hypocrisy, and the current state of fiction writing. Excerpt


children's book

Sylvester and His Polka Dots

A duck named Sylvester hoards a bag of colorful polka dots and hides all day in his hole. But the polka dots become restless; during one of Sylvester's long walks they begin jumping out of the bag and attaching to things of like color. This upsets Sylvester, who must gather them and put them back into his bag. But then he reconsiders... Excerpt of writing and sample illustrations.